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What We Do

We transform underperforming real estate and create a positive impact for our stakeholders, the environment, and the community.

Risk Management

RERC helps cover your risk through several approaches: insurance, established remediation commitments and funds, guarantees of performance and can include indemnification.


All clean-up work is done in accordance with regulations and best practices. We employ a rigorous approach to restore the property and fully address contamination.

Sustainable Redevelopment

We are committed to sustainability in our approach as we redevelop properties for productive use, from innovative techniques to wise stewardship of resources.

Real Estate Acquisition

Our access to capital reduces uncertainties or delays in closing. Our experienced team can quickly assess the situation and determine an optimal path forward.

Liability Transfer

We can move quickly and with flexibility in unique situations to take troubled real estate off your balance sheet. Our approach reflects the unique needs for each transaction.

Trusted Partners

Our expertise is expanded through strategic relationships with the best in the industry for specialized capabilities.


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