What We Buy - Real Estate Recovery Capital
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What We Buy

Whether you are part of a large corporation looking to divest non-core assets during portfolio restructuring or own industrial real estate in any stage of decommissioning for a plant closure or are a private owner of a Brownfield seeking to liquidate the capital tied up in your property, we will create a custom approach for each acquisition tailored to the environmental liabilities and your goals as a seller.

Target Markets

Our focus is on major metropolitan areas throughout the United States but also includes smaller market areas where the market dynamics present a satisfactory value proposition for all parties involved.

Property Types

Property types include industrial, retail and office properties and land with environmental impairment, as well as infill land and underutilized assets with commercial development potential.

Transaction Size

The total capital invested per transaction is in the range of $2 million to $20 million, whether it be a single asset or a portfolio of real estate and/or loan assets. Larger transactions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Transaction Structure

We customize deal structures based on the seller’s unique needs. Typically, deals are structured to be “AS IS, WHERE IS” with a “quick close”, usually within 90-120 days.

Transaction Types

  • Direct real estate acquisitions-portfolios or single assets
  • M&A transactions with a carve out of impaired asset
  • Corporate sale-leaseback
  • Performing and non-performing loans secured by real estate
  • Joint ventures with real estate developers

Liability Transfer

Liability transfer options may be considered for each transaction and (where applicable) arranged in compliance with GAAP standards to help corporate sellers remove financial reserves from their balance sheets by environmental liability transfer and property remediation. We offer financial commitments, and timelines are provided for fully remediating the property in accordance with relevant regulations and best practices.