| Real Estate Recovery Capital
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Our capital base gives us the flexibility to engage on all types of Brownfield transactions, the ability to quickly close, and the option to provide an environmental liability transfer. We have the resources to get the job done on time and done right.


Our team has decades of multi-faceted experience – from real estate to environmental remediation to development- having worked on over $1 billion in Brownfields real estate transactions throughout the U.S.


We are committed to sustainable redevelopment of distressed properties for their highest and best use and to creating financial benefits for our stakeholders. Our work creates lasting social, economic, and environmental impact.

There is a lot at stake as you select a firm to help you navigate the divestiture of a troubled asset. You want peace of mind that they can complete what they promise in accordance with regulations and best practices. You want to know that your needs will be fully addressed. We bring multi-disciplinary experience and strategy with the ability to customize our approach to your needs. We are committed to the successful redeployment of your property!